• Delivers a comprehensive antioxidant boost*
  • Promotes better digestion and nutrient absorption*
  • Increases natural energy*



Sunscreen? Check. Water bottle? Check. Air purifier? Working on it. You do a lot to protect your body from free radicals like UV rays, pollution, and toxins. With REDS super antioxidant powder, you can do even more by simply enjoying a splash of pomegranate flavor. When you add a scoop of REDS to water, juice, or smoothies, you’re crafting a powerful punch of free-radical-fighting furry. Antioxidants from superfruit superstars like acai, elderberry, beet root, and reishi mushroom help fuel your body with healthy energy while helping to prevent cell damage by targeting free radicals — all of this while you sit back and sip.

Flyte Reds



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