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Yep Smelling Salt gives you that extra burst of adrenaline to push through your top set. Please read the instructions before use. You must wet the cotton balls inside the container prior to the products first use to activate the formula. After that seal the container up tightly after each use.


Directions: Pull both cotton balls out of the container. Wet each ball with approximately 1 cap of water per ball. Place 1 cotton call in the container, seal, and shake. Repeat the process with the 2nd cotton ball. Push the seal to the top of the bottle and twist tight after each use. 


Warning: This product releases ammonia gas. Keep the bottle 6 inches away from the nose. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with skin. Keep away from eyes. Replace safety cap immediately after use. Incorrect or extensive use can cause irritation or burning. 

Yep! Smelling Salts

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