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Energy – Fat Burning – Appetite Control – Mood Elevating


Get the edge on fighting fat! Now you can transform your body from fat and flabby to fit and lean with the power of BODY EFFECTS by Power Performance Products. Ours was one of the very-first-ever powdered weight-loss supplements on the market to combine the fat-blasting effectiveness of proven fat burners with energy to drive you through your busy day all while effectively suppressing that nagging appetite and elevating your mood so you feel good all day long as you burn your way to that perfect sculpted body. Other companies have tried to copy BODY EFFECTS, but we were one of the very first and we are still the best because of our unique combination of the finest ingredients available anywhere, all expertly formulated into a powerhouse of synergy that helps you fight the fat on all levels. In our proprietary formula highly-effective, safe and natural thermogenic fat burners like Bitter Orange, Caffeine and Green Tea Extract are combined with the powerful fatty-acid CLA and an energy-driving complex to rev up your body’s metabolic fat-melting furnace, delivering non-stop non-jittery energy all day to keep you going strong.

On top of that, the powerful ingredient Hoodia suppresses your appetite enough to help you say no to the cravings and extra eating that put all of the fat there in the first place. BODY EFFECTS delivers a full 8 grams of soluble dietary fiber: that’s 32% of your daily recommended amount needed to help naturally cleanse your system while losing weight. To keep you positively moving forward with your commitment to lose that extra body weight, BODY EFFECTS contains Phenethylamine (PEA), a monoamine alkaloid, and d-Glucuronolactone that help boost your mood so working your way to your best shape ever doesn’t get you feeling down. The ingredient d-Glucuronolactone also has the added benefit of helping your reaction time, memory and concentration. Our precise and perfected combination of all of these and other key ingredients like ultra-important B Vitamins means that BODY EFFECTS delivers everything that other products only say they will. You’ll have all of the energy you need to hit the gym or power through your busy day, all while knowing that you are finally on your way to looking, feeling and being the best YOU ever! BODY EFFECTS comes in 10 great flavors that mix up with water in a shaker cup into a delicious sports drink. Plus you’ll feel the power of BODY EFFECTS start to kick in within minutes. So stop hoping for a better looking body and wait no longer – Order a jar of BODY EFFECTS today and discover what the BUZZ is all about!

Body Effects Weight Loss

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